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Discussion on: Explain Scrum Like I'm Five

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Yury • Edited on

Waterfall: you're hired to build a house. the client tells you how many rooms he needs, how many windows, etc. then you build a house. then client tells you that he needs to use a living room as a plane hangar and the bedroom should be painted in purple

Scrum: you're hired to build a house. client comes by every week to tell you what he likes and doesn't like so you can make changes before it's too late. sometimes the client comes in the middle of the week and tells you that he's showing the house to his friends tomorrow and it would be nice if there was a fireplace in the living room. and most of the time the client isn't interested in technical details so spending a week making pillars to support the second floor is not a good idea because you'll have nothing to show

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... use a living room as a plane hanger ...

Hahaha that is awesome.