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Discussion on: Questions about Ruby?

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Ian bradbury

The guides are a great introduction to ROR. There are plenty of video courses out there if you prefer some handholding. But the guides are the best place to start.

[2] I receive recruitment emails looking for ROR devs – ALL THE TIME

[3] Follow the guides. See q1. There are also seems like hundreds of books and online tutorials you can follow.

[4] Nope. And don't be put off by CoffeeScript.

[5] If you’re already proficient in another language and put together a nice project so that you experience a wide variety of topics – then maybe 6 months. But remember, no one hires “pure” ROR developers, people want breadth and deapth.

One thing not mentioned that I think is really important. ROR is enjoyable. It’s a really pleasant development framework.