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Discussion on: Android or React Native?

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Ian bradbury Author

Thanks everyone for the comments so far.

I've been clicking the links and watching and listening.

I decided I'll have a go with each - just for a day or two. I am sure one or the other will strike a chord with me and that's the direction I'll head.

To mention.....

In a past life I managed a Cordova mobile project. It went well. However It was not until later when I managed a native iOS project and that I came to realise that the Cordova project had used more than twice the effort we required for something similar with the native iOS project. My tendency since is native. Not hybrid. Or interpreted to native.

Some feedback on my playing with each so far.

The ceremony regarding how to configure my laptop for React-Native. Poor. Very poor. Confusing and too many fragile dependencies. I was not liking that until I came across Expo - and that has made it possible for me to continue investigating React-Native. I'm following the course that @Aaroh recommended - it's pretty good.

Android Studio. Without doubt they need to cut AT LEAST 50% of the cruft from that interface. Terrible. That alone will put me off. I've yet to begin a tutorial series. If someone has a recommendation please let me know.

Again. Thanks for the feedback and comments so far.

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K (he/him)

If you aren't into ceremony, look at