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Discussion on: A list of assignments I was given when interviewing for companies.

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Ian bradbury

@fayaz - a great read. Thank you.

In previous roles as development manager we relied on 2 stage interviews. Technical test and personal interview. Get through the tech test and then we can talk.

The technical test was on site and designed to see if the candidate could read and follow instructions - not to see how well they could code - in that the technical test described exactly how to deliver the task*. Candidates had full access to the Internet and could take as long as they liked. What amazed me was that so many people gave up, sometimes after several hours attempting the test. It was always such a shame as the answers were right there on the page. I came to believe that candidates were looking for a deeper trick and over thinking everything - when there was none and even after we had told them there is no trick just follow the instructions.

The real interview was the face 2 face and really this is where you begin to understand the candidate. The most important attributes I looked for - and would still today - were honesty, openness to new ideas and change, ability to quickly understand problems and ability to follow instruction. 4 traits. The goal was always to find someone who you could merge into the company culture and the educate specifics of the industry.

Anyhow. Good luck @fayaz

  • Two text fields, two buttons. Button one sorts letters from text field one into text field two. Button two clears text field one. There were instructions as to x/y position of elements and colours.

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