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re: ESlint doesn't check for TypeScript errors, so if you want to check for TypeScript errors in your pre commit hook, you'll need to run the tsc --no...

Oh well that makes total sense. I though eslint with ts was doing tslint, and I thought tslint would do these kind of checks.

Many thanks, and yeah, I went with the section option:

    "lint-staged": {
        "src/**/*.{tsx,js}": [
            "prettier --single-quote --write",
            "eslint --fix",
            "git add"

Thank you Robert for the easy-to-follow article & bitten for adding the prettier option.

I was able to get the eslint & prettier set up for my pet project after following this post & the comments.

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A collection of React Hooks using Computer Science (CS) data structures & algorithms.


Mainly to learn CS data structure & algorithms
(and also implement'em in TypeScript).

Hopefully some of the arcane data structures & algorithms help you as well.



Returns a Trie data structure, which is used to save a list of words to search in memory efficient manner & provide a type-ahead (not yet implemented) functionality.


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