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Discussion on: Open-source loses a friend

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Mo Bitar Author

Totally agree. It's really about the slap in the face realization of, why did I not see that GitHub was just like the rest before? And judging by open-source's dependence on GH, this looks like it might have been a collective delusion.

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zenmumbler • Edited

It will be good for GH to get some more competition, acquired or not, but I've tried some stuff on Bitbucket and it's… not great. Atlassian in general is not renowned for their great UX, cough*JIRA*cough and Bitbucket has some very odd design elements.

GitLab is quickly getting better, but if they grow, it will be a duopoly which is only slightly better, and in the end, GitLab is also a VC backed venture, currently at $45M total so it's a virtual guarantee they will go public or be acquired at some point, because that is the way of the VC-backed company.

Like I said though, I am at peace with this state of affairs. Once you consider everything most people on the planet use is basically running on Amazon servers it puts things into perspective a bit. Infrastructure costs a ton of money and effort and I'm lazy and don't want to set up my own git servers. Git or Mercurial or such are theoretically good candidates for a Mastodon like setup, except that I would be a bit nervous about my origin suddenly disappearing because someone needed to cut back costs. Could be an interesting project though.

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Jonathan Boudreau

I think the main difference with gitlab is that it is partially open source. If they get acquired and things go south the project could get forked (which would be likely with a large user base). This has happened with Owncloud, MySQL, etc. I see this as really just being another reason to favour open source.