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re: Wow, that was rough. :D Anyhow, an app idea can actually be an innocent little thing. Depends on what the goal is behind it. If the goal is to crea...

Totally. But the "app idea" audience I'm referring to is the one that usually has no interest in building something themselves or hacking away at something. They just want to strike it rich on some idea. If your goal is to make enough money to quit your job, an "app idea" mindset won't do it, or if it does, will require lots of luck. The "innocent little thing" mindset is great for building and gaining experience, but does little for optimizing for financial success, which is not to be ignored, because it's the fuel behind your hacking engine.

All that to say, if you don't optimize for financial success, you'll soon be constrained and run out of creative room to hack away at nice little side projects. Or, if you're already full-time employed, will not help you get out of employment any time soon. (This is mostly a broad generalization based on my experience and interpretations of observations I've made on other's successes and failures.)


Why does the stock market grow? Expectations. Why does the bitcoin price rise? Expectations. Why do investors pour tons of money into that shady startup? Yeah, you bet. Today, expectations are much more important than a tangible product. So if you want to get rich having only an idea, sell it to the right people, no need to do the actual work.

It's also known as scam but whatever floats your boat.

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