re: PHP lets you create bugs and security issues super easily. The only consistent thing about PHP is its inconsistency. It is so bad that Facebook cre...

PHP is not for beginners, it's true. All people I know that agree with you don't know PHP.

It requires a strong tooling to be effective and be confident with your code. But it's still a valuable choice for backend apps.


PHP was actually helpful when I was a beginner in 2003 but actually better options came out and kind of exposed the fact that PHP will encourage dangerous behaviors. In fact, I can specifically thank phpBB for teaching me all the common security mistakes you can imagine.

Last week I spent hours fixing potential remote code execution issues in a very popular piece of PHP and that makes me very sad. Because this kind of problem is VERY easy to have.

Of course you can artificially throw away 3/4 of the language and base everything upon more or less decent community-built tools while praying that none of your juniors will create a colossal hole in your code but knowing the alternatives that's really not the choice I'd make.

As I said, it's definitely not for juniors. As an experienced PHP developer, I'm responsible for delivering safe apps with secured Apache configuration, built with clean code and tested in a pipeline. It's more difficult in PHP than in any other language, but I learnt so much more than if I had chosen the last all-in-one ready-to-go JS framework.
But if I had to choose a programming language to start my career today, it wouldn't be PHP.

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