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Why I chose flutter and you also should.

I’ve been using both frameworks for some time and finally I chose flutter for cross-platform development. Firstly I tried flutter but after some time I looked at react native I built few apps with this Facebook’s framework and I decided to come back to flutter. Why?

So react native works with web, IOS and Android platforms when flutter works with web, IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. For me desktop development is very important because I often use my apps for my use also and I don’t have to pay anything to build it like it is with IOS dev.

So when react native uses javascript flutter is using dart language also developed by google. I personally think that both these languages are really cool but I prefer dart because of it’s speed and clean code look. I’m not saying that javascript isn’t fast and clean looking(Clean code) but for me dart wins there.

Documentation is very important in development process so every framework should have it.
So react native has a really cool documentation but I think flutter wins here because of it’s easily explained topics and practically every topic has a video about it.

Thats why I’m using flutter. I don’t want to say that react native is bad because it isn’t and I’m not saying that people who use react native chose the wrong option because that’s just my opinion. And that was why I’m using flutter and you also should.

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Paweł Kata

Ad. 1. Please look into Electron. It handles desktop pretty well.
Ad. 2. Dart is a fringe language, barely usable anywhere else from Flutter development. React Native works with TypeScript, which is light years ahead to pure JS and is usable in many other places, e.g. backend development.
Ad. 3. React Native docs are pretty good nowadays, IMHO. Having videos is a "nice to have" feature, not a relevant one. My opinion, of course.

I'm happy for you that you're fond of Flutter, but I most definitely should not and will not be switching to it ;-)

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Bioleg Author

I already tried electron but I'm not a fun on css etc.