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🕎 8 Days of Web Components Tips

This is just what I needed. Also, happy Chanukkah!

Build a Stunning README For Your GitHub Profile

Remember to use the readme to inform, as well as to show off ...

📆 Livestream Event - Build Your Own Public Digital Garden

Cool! Thanks for the post.

List all posts using 11ty

Hold on - webmentions? Way to go!

What is your top tool that most devs would be surprised you use regularly?

Okay, hear me out - VS Code.

To-do list - helpful or disappointing?

Looks nice! I would style the checkboxes as well. By the way,...

Calculate the 'reading time' for your blog ⏱🦉

By the way, I would use the regexp /(\w\S*)+/g. That allows f...

Calculate the 'reading time' for your blog ⏱🦉

I had wanted to do this; I was going to get messy and parse t...

My laptop is 8 years old

Hey, mine is 8 yrs old too! No upgrades though. Still on 4GB ...

3 Design Principles For Frontend Developers

Thanks for the article. It is well written, and sufficientl...

🎈🎊🥳Thank you for 30.000 followers! We celebrate this with an #AMA!

Congrats! How do you go about editing/reviewing a post befo...

Celebrating 10,000+ followers 🎉 - Thank you DEV: #AMA 🌼

What type of articles do you most like seeing on DEV? Which...

Welcome Thread - v67

Welcome to the field, Luis. It's nice to have you. What sor...

Make your own CMS livestream - Part 1

Huh. I haven't had problems with Grammarly in the ed...

😨How to write consistently...when pandemics happen

My worst fear is a blank page. — Neil Gaiman

What was your win this week?


Write More, Write Small

The point then is to not start with a blank page, but to a...

What have you always wanted to know about publishing a tech book? 🤔

Thanks for this oportunity, and congrats on your upcoming b...

How Blog Post Syndication Can Help You Reach More Readers

Thanks for the tips!

An Autistic Programming Latina's take on COVID-19

As a human who has been diagnosed with Complex-PTSD, Gener...

DEV.TO writers, what MD tools do you use?

I love, because it has a nice, clean interfa...

whats the best CI/CD service

I've not used ci/cd that much, but Travis CI fits my needs ...

Show DEV: I built a dashboard to track my life

Never heard of rescuetime before. Thanks for the tip.

Explain GitOps Like I'm Five

I'm not sure about GitOps myself, but I found

Musicians! I made a random scale picker: Box of Scales

what can I add to or change about the project?

What was your win this week?

Congrats! What's your channel about?


Welcome to the community, Naman! What types of articles do ...

What was your win this week?

I found a slack group for Orthodox-Jewish software devs.

What was your win this week?

Well done! I have about 5 stars. Total. Any tips?

Are you less likely to open a post from an organisation?

yes, definitely. I'm not sure why, though. I guess it seems...

Rewarding Github contributions

I think the level of the "thanks" can vary greatly. Maybe p...

Your favorite underrated CSS properties

html { scroll-behavior: "smooth"; } mdn. Not so good ...

Wouldn't it be cool if DEV could render LaTeX?


5 awesome css resources

Wes Bos... I love his Javascript30 course. Thanks for sh...

Are you going to participate in the Github Actions Hackathon?


Writing a technical article/blog 101 ✍

This is one of those moments where I wish I could save comm...

Collaborative proof-reading of blog posts

I hear an idea brewing. Do you envision something for techi...

Writing a technical article/blog 101 ✍

Question for you: How does one get ideas for articles?

Blog Vent 1

Sounds interesting. What was the assigned app about? What w...

Writing a technical article/blog 101 ✍

That was a very well written article with some excellent ti...

Which tool/language documentation do you have a strong confidence in?

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) for JavaScript. Some tools ...

Musicians! I made a random scale picker: Box of Scales

Great website; When I tried dorian d though, it didn't work.

Musicians! I made a random scale picker: Box of Scales

Cool! Reminds me of a project I did a couple months back: b...

Website Designing Process - Beginner's Guide

Such an easy read. Thanks.

Have you taken the 2020 Stack Overflow survey?

Done! Thanks for the heads up.

Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

Wow, look at all the articles and comments I missed last we...

Situation: A new computer

Thanks! I'm not familiar with "the desktop icon modificatio...

New desk with old desk underneath. I’m really liking this setup. What do you think?

Very cool. In the first picture, I love how you have what l...

Why you should write blogposts more often

You brought up some interesting points. To answer your prom...

The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

The breakdown of user-interests is fun to see.

What are your favorite/most useful GitHub Gists and/or CodePen samples?

I keep an updated gist with random Javascript utility funct...

Hi, I'm New Here...


Welcome Thread - v60

Glad to have you!

What's your audio player?

On Ubuntu & derivatives, I use Lollypop

Need contribution, Node-GTK project

I was just wondering whether something like this existed! C...

New Machine; New Browser

For me, the flexbox/grid tool is enough 😀

Delete all node_modules from your machine and save space

yarn has a new system (plug n play) where there are no node...

What was your favorite piece of tech that died in the 2010s

FYI, "dumb-phones" still exist. Nokia makes a ton of them. ...

Happy Birthday Torah && Tech!

Mazel Tov; Until 120!

Your favourite non-technical books?

Here's a hidden gem: The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt...

Your favourite non-technical books?

You took the words right out of my mouth!

How did you set up your blog

I don't write on my blog that much. It uses Jekyll, and Net...

9 Practical tips for beginner web developers

That tip about twitter is interesting.

My 2019 in DEV - Check your stats!

Really awesome work!

📄 Open source promotion cheat sheet is available in 8 languages

Thanks so much!

The real difference between CI and CD

This is fascinating. Thank you.

Starting a Project - What comes first?

I've spent a fair amount of time planning my current projec...

Turn off your notifications

This is so important. Thanks for bringing this up!

What was your last project? ⚒

looks nice! Widget now has a DARK Theme! and a pink theme and an ocean theme. See what's new in dev-widget v1.1.0 🌻🌑🌸

This looks awesome! Nice job.

What was your last project? ⚒

Over 6 months ago, I was trying to build a multi-platform a...

Modeling Your Website pt.1

wow, very interesting

5 Things I Learned in My First Week as a Maintainer

I'd like to start contributing to open-source in earnest (n...

The Future of DEV

Best of luck, team!

Hacktoberfest: complete ✅


Hacktoberfest Has Finished. Thanks to All Those Who Took Part!

Thanks Ben!

What was your win this week?

I registered my first domain name at with nameche...

I maintain webpack, ask me anything!

Using and customizing webpack can be very confusing for beg...



My 100daysOfCode Journal — Day 01

I'm not a python user, but good for you for doing the 100 d...

Developers Halloween

the DEVil

Google Summer of Code 🏆

Also, official website -

How to make Custom <select> but without using select?

Take a look on github, or at this repo specifically. That l...

Best 404 Page Found Till Now! What do you say?

Also, what happens when you pick someone to fire? 😀

Best 404 Page Found Till Now! What do you say?

This one is funny

Whats your dev theme?

I usually like dark themes, but for I've kept the de...

🎻 What's on your coding playlist?

I love soundtrack music. I have a playlist on spotify here

Auto-Complete In HTML Forms

nice read!

Networking for Newbies

Thanks, this is just what I needed.

10 Skills of a Professional Author

Thanks for this.

1st Time to Complete Hacktoberfest

A bit of a long read, but it's do-able... Congrats, though.

What are you reading right now?

The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene. Theoretical Physi...

Who do you use for mailing lists and email campaigns?

Mailchimp has a little service called tinyletter that I fou...

7 Great Programming Quotes

Thanks for these. I love the last one!

Welcome Thread - v45

Hi Nicholas! I love open-source. What repo did you contribu...

Welcome Thread - v45

What's up guys? I'm a student developer from Baltimore MD. ...