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Discussion on: 5 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Instead of Windows

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This article is so bland/generic. First of all linux can be hacked very easily, even the official website of linux mint was hacked by some groups of hackers and they put hacked isos in it. No it is not a fake news just search google. Then stability, it is now 2022 almost and these people are still feeding the idea that linux is more stable. Yes once upon a time linux was more stable then windows but windows is not the same anymore. About customizability, windows is updated regularly (that you hate) and more customization features are getting added. Windows 11 now supports native android apps without any third party emulator and you are saying linux is more customizable lmao. Sure linux is open source but how many can read code and edit them? I bet you can't. Forget about creating software and your fancy customization if you still need Google to do basic terminal commands. And linux is not versatile at all, it has many driver problems especially the graphics and Wi-Fi in my computer. "Linux supports wide range of hardware then Windows" is just a laughable sentence.

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Mark Vassilevskiy Author

Everything in this world can be hacked, and there's a fact that Linux is more secure that Windows. Of course, people don't like updates, after them there can be bugs which will probably get you. Windows just can't be more customizable and secure then linux, because Linux has power of community, everybody can create their own Visual Environment or anything else, also, it's open-source so everyone can see the disadvatages and easily fix them. I personally use both of this operating systems of different devices and like some Windows features and like some Linux features, so both have some limitations. if Linux was not so powerful, then there would be no WSL for Windows

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Toomas Jaska

if Linux was not so powerful, then there would be no WSL for Windows

I'm sorry, but this is just a non-sequitor. Linux is powerful, but the things you say in your article are way overgeneralized, opinion-based and arbuably even flat out wrong. I'm using WSL for dev work and absolutely love it.