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How to Create Beautiful E-Commerce Store in 5 Steps with Builderfly?

Binay Jha
Binay Jha has 19 years experience in the software development industry. Working with Builderfly eCommerce platform.
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Are you ready to learn how to set up your own ecommerce store? Maybe you just came up with an amazing product idea and now you'd like to see if people are ready to buy it. Well, you're in luck, because you no longer have to be an experienced web developer to build an online shop in less than 15 minutes with Builderfly.

Builderfly is an all-in-one ecommerce platform, where you pay a monthly fee to use the company's web design, ecommerce, and product management tools. It's everything bundled into one product, so you can simply pick a template, upload your products and start selling online.

When Would You Want to Use Builderfly to Create an Online Store?

Builderfly is a solid tool for beginners and people who would prefer not to spend too much time with development. It's additionally nice for straying away from hiring a developer. You can sell however many items you need, and most organizations don't have any issues scaling up.

How to Create Your Own Online Store With Builderfly in 15 Minutes

It is no secret that we think Builderfly is a great ecommerce platform, there is a reason why it tops our list. It used to be that setting up an ecommerce store took many hours as well as a lot of know-how. Today, however, that has changed and created an online store only takes a couple of minutes. With a few mouse clicks and a little typing, you can set up your online store on the web.

There's a reason why Builderfly is such a popular platform. Perhaps the biggest reason lies in the fact that setting up your first online store has never been simpler. In the video below, we show you how you can set up your Builderfly online store in less than 15 minutes. If you want to learn more about Builderfly, then you can sign up for the 14-days free trial.

Here's a detailed tutorial for you to walkthrough:

Step 1: Sign Up for Builderfly

Navigate to the Builderfly website, and click on the Get Started button. Enter your desired email address, store name, and password.

After you click Next, tell Builderfly about yourself. Click on the Enter My Store button when finish.

The following page asks you to fill in personal information such as your name, address and phone number, all of which are used to configure currencies and tax rates.

Step 2: Add a Product to Your Builderfly Store

When going to your Builderfly Dashboard it outlines a nice step-by-step process on how to completely set up your shop. Move to Manage store > Store front > Products to add a new product.

The Add product page is like something you would see on WordPress. You can fill in details like a title, price, description, and vendor. Don't hesitate to finish however much of the product page you'd like. Simply make sure you save the product at the end.

Step 3: Customize the Look of Your Site

Return to the main Dashboard, and select the Customize store button. This section will ask you to customize anything starting from logos to colors. This takes a bit of tinkering, however, the main part you need to focus on is the link that asks you to Visit the Theme store.

Here you can browse through the dozens of themes in Builderfly to make your site look amazing.

Step 4: Setup Your Domain

Once you choose your template and design your website exactly as you would prefer, it's time to connect a domain to make your site official and make it live.

Go back to the dashboard and click on the Connect Domain. Connect your domain name and simply move to the next step.

Step 5: Activate Your Payment Processor

Go back to the dashboard > Manage store > Accounts > select Payments. This area lets you choose from dozens of payment processors such as Stripe, Amazon Pay, and Just follow the steps and activate your payment gateways. This enables you to accept payments and put those payments in an account.

After all, is said and done you can click on the Launch store button to make the store live. Congratulations! You now have a completely functional Builderfly online store.

You can convert the ecommerce website achieved using Builderfly's ecommerce website builder, into native iOS & Android mobile apps using ecommerce app builder.

Above all it's free.

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