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Trying New Things: Game Development

binarydigit profile image Liz Rodriguez Originally published at on ・2 min read

Trying New Things: Game Development

When I did my coding boot camp at General Assembly, the first project we did was to create a game in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I loved writing out the idea for the story, finding and creating small bits of artwork, then writing out the actual code. It was only done in a week and very simple, but tons of fun!

This year I was introduced to the Weekly Game Jam by my friend, and since then I've wanted to learn a bit about game development, even if it's in HTML5 and JavaScript. (I'd like to learn Unity as well.) There are a ton of frameworks out there that help get started, so in the next few weeks I'll be looking at pixi.js and Construct, since they are JavaScript based.

Since I re-did my portfolio on Github pages, I needed a new place to store the game I did for GA. I learned about from the game jam discord and a Women Who Code game dev meetup that I attended a few weeks ago, so it makes sense to host it there, since it can accept HTML games. So here's my very first game - Caffeine Zombies. Check it out and I hope to upload some new games this year!

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Mohammed Salman

I recommend you try Godot instead of Unity, because it supports GDscript, C#, and other languages. GDscript is simple and similar to Python plus the game engine is lightweight.
Good luck:)

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Liz Rodriguez Author

Thank you, I'll definitely check it out!

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