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Slack Integrations

binarydigit profile image Liz Rodriguez ・1 min read

Slack Integrations

At my current job we always need to get a particular piece of information daily and post it to a slack channel. It only takes about ten minutes...but why even take ten minutes when it can take less than one? After all, the essence of being a developer is about working efficiently (and I'm all about the automation)!

Slack Integrations

I decided to learn how to make a slack integration using incoming webhooks. It was much easier than I thought! I followed the instructions via the Slack docs and created a small Github repo in case anyone is interested in doing a simple integration. I decided to use an unofficial QDB api wrapper and make a random quote appear in a channel when hitting a particular route.

Feel free to fork it, play around and see if you can do something fun yourself. 😁

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Anna Rankin • Edited

Sweeeet! Automating repetitive tasks is so gratifying. Thanks for sharing your work, gonna check out that repo!

Edit: Love them docs 💯

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