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Resource: How Can I Learn to Code?

Resource: How Can I Learn to Code?

In my discord channel (that I use to gather round folks from gaming and tech) I've been asked a couple of times where someone can learn how to code. It all depends on what you'd like to do!

For me, I had a tech background so was interested in the full stack. From front end–design, UI, how the website looks and feels, as well as the backend–how the website functions and all of the technical bits that you don't "see", but make everything work. If you're a beginner and you have a computer with internet access, you can start right away with tons of free software and resources. (There is also iOS/Android mobile dev, game development, etc that I will recommend in another post.)

Here's my list for the very beginner in web development:


FreeCodeCamp aims to teach code for free and help nonprofits. No software is needed, just your computer, internet and a web browser.

Dash by General Assembly

Dash is another free online course that will teach you basics with HTML5 and CSS and was created by General Assembly bootcamp.

Code Academy

Code Academy has some free courses available for HTML, CSS and more advanced frameworks in Javascript such as React, and other languages such as Ruby with Ruby on Rails. has tons of tutorials for kids K-12 and beyond! You can do a one-hour tutorial or keep learning up to computer science fundamentals. There is really no age range that is too early or too late so give it a go!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another nonprofit that wishes to provide a free education to everyone and have a good selection of how to learn how to program.

Hopefully you find these websites useful resources to start your own coding journey! As I find more sites of free resources I'll add them here. Make sure you keep an eye out for my Twitch channel where I sometimes live code and would love to have you in chat to learn with me! 🎉

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hussein_cheayto profile image
hussein cheayto

Great article.
I would've added Udemy courses.
And reading books to learn best practices and methodologies of coding.

But first, programming field is very wide. One should pick a specific field like web dev, game, software...
Once picked, he/she should begin to master it

lallenfrancisl profile image
Allen Francis

You missed out on probably two of the best beginner computer science engineering courses that are available for free

CS50 from Harvard

And the one from MIT

Also more courses like these ones can be found from this