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Particles.js and a Coding Stream!

binarydigit profile image Liz Rodriguez Originally published at on ・2 min read

Recently I made a homepage as a birthday gift for a friend, similar to what I’ve done in the past with some of my favorite tools for building websites:

A homepage for KilobyteKeith

I used Particles.js, which is a Javascript library that has fun particle effects for the background of any webpage, for the CSS framework, as well as Press Start 2P for fun retro font styling.

I also finally got the nerve to show off how I put together this project and streamed it on my Twitch channel since I’ve been wanted to code on stream for a long time! My goal is to get really comfortable with being uncomfortable about what I know and don’t know, as well as grow and learn with the community I’m trying to build. A lot of my geeky friends are also web developers, and when I talked about doing this I received a bunch of support which was really wonderful! I’m very luck to find good people to push me along with my goals.

Here’s the VOD on my YouTube channel:

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and for the support! You make me want to do more and hit my goals. More projects to come!

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