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Yesss yesss welcome to the dark side! I completely understand the home office/work office desktop setup. I use all 3 os's for different purposes, so you can always do that if you'd like. (Windows for gaming, Mac for home office/certain software, and linux on a Dell XPS 13 that I take with me for dev work.)

If you go Ubuntu, it's very popular/easy to use and always being updated, customizable and of course open source. Or you can wait to see if a new Mac mini will be released in a couple of weeks. I have the 2014 model and it's still going strong after an SSD drive upgrade.

I've been looking at the Dell XPS 13 for a while now as a possible upgrade for me. What is your opinion on transitioning from a MacOS/Windows programming background to Ubuntu?

I find it quite seamless as I mainly write websites in JS/any open source stack. All major text editors such as Atom, Sublime, VSCode, etc are written for all linux/deb based distros such as Ubuntu. Running updates is also pretty great and haven't run into any issues so far!

The only thing I miss are programs for created specifically for Mac such as Sketch (MacOS) or Lightroom (for personal photography projects). So if you do more front-end or design work it might be an issue. YMMV

Edit: If you use Unity or code in C#, obviously this will be an issue, but you can stick to Windows for that if needed. :)

Wow thanks for the reply Liz! That really helped.

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