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@ben if you decided to switch hosting providers for dev.to or to change the underlying platform (e.g switch to Wordpress), would you feel the need to ask authors’ permission?

From my perspective, that’s all that happened here. I wrote and published articles on the freeCodeCamp blog. I expect my articles to remain on the freeCodeCamp blog unless I ask for them to be removed.

When the freeCodeCamp blog changes platform, I don’t expect to be consulted on the decision and I’m not sure why any author would be.

If I wanted my work specifically on Medium, I would have published to Medium directly, or to a publication on Medium that I own.

The canonical URL change looks like an honest mistake, but that can be handled via a simple request to freeCodeCamp and I’m sure they’d be happy to fix it.

Everyone is entitled to their point of view, but the outrage here seems a little over the top to me.


Plus it did not seem like something done in bad faith. Ben could have easily shared his concerns privately and see where that goes instead of bringing it to a public forum for trial or sth.

They screwed up/made a mistake does not make them a villian.

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