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Discussion on: Luck Is More Important than Hard Work and the Story of I Got into Tech

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Jean-Michel Plourde

Hi Gabriel. Good blog post and interesting reading. I have a similar school background: I didn't care about school and was doing okay then I went into cegep in Techniques de l'informatique because it didn't require advanced math (even tho I did them, I didn't like math back then). I was lucky too to get an internship at the end at the school board where my neighbour was working. Worked 4 years as a dev/IT tech for 2 school boards then enrolled in university and I'm about to finish that degree.

I'm from Lac-Saint-Jean, just on the other side of the Parc des Laurentides. I didn't move to Alberta (altough we almost did), I just learned english in classes and on my own through gaming.

I'll sure follow you around here and I hope to read more from you.