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Built My first Laravel App

bigboybamo profile image Bamiji Oyetubo ・1 min read

Just wanted to share that I built my first Laravel application.

A website that accepts user input, stores it in the database and displays that data in a table on the index page. I built this to better understand the MVC approach to development and i must it made things a lot easier.

Check it out here http://perfumehouse.herokuapp.com/ and submit an input if you have/ like perfumes. Tell me what you think.
Sourecode: https://github.com/bigboybamo/Perfume-house
stock image: Pexels.com

Ps: Please don't pay too much attention to how it looks, I'm not done designing it and quite frankly i was more concerned about the app doing what it's meant to do than how it looks lol.


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