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what's features and benefit of Magento 2 Instagram Integration

bhavikrocktech profile image Bhavik ・1 min read

The Magento 2 Instagram Integration extension is an effective way of reaching out to more number of customers by integrating your business’ Instagram feed with your Magento 2 store. It provides you with the ability to update your store with images from the Instagram based on hashtags or username, thus helping you to improve your store’s functionality.

Key Features

Enable display of Instagram images for your whole store, specific categories or specific pages.
Restrict the number of images to be displayed.
Option to showcase it over various CMS pages.
Fetching images using multiple hashtags or username.
Setting up details regarding the images along with URL for redirection.
Set various hot spots for multiple items in a single image.
Easy set up with your username and authenticating it using an access key.

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