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Discussion on: The importance of accessibility in digital products! 💪 [I promise you will read this twice!]

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Bhagya Mudgal • Edited on

@inhuofficial Thank you for reviewing my site. It was a deep review and I was laughing while reading it. I got to learn many things which I dont know like that aria-page. I will learn more about these accesibility things. I will try to take all measures suggested by you and rebuild my site to v2. I will also replace background of my current image with some good looking colour. This post was really helpfull to me. I hope you will also review my version 2. I am ok with you posting this.

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InHuOfficial Author

Super, of course I will review v2, I messaged you through your contact form on the site so you can email me if you need help.

Just bear in mind that sometimes I get busy so it might take me a few days to come back to you!

Glad it made you smile, article will go out later today now I know you are ok with it so hopefully that will get you a few visitors! 🤞❤️