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Yes we are, but we also gain some benefits.

The problem is that most of the clients and users got used to "free" things, and any alternative that does not use your data but ask for a decent fee or self-hosted free solutions are met with reluctance.


But that should not be it, right?
The community should take a stand against it or we will face the consequences in Future.


Things will change, it is just a matter of time.

But for now, as an user and web dev is difficult to avoid using their products.

I'm not too sure that "things will change" any time soon and without some pretty radical efforts.
Decentralized technologies have been around for years now, with poor adoption rates by both consumers and developers alike.

Meanwhile Google churns out new products that make our developer lifes easier and we all jump on them and want to work with them.

They are in the final steps of a process of embedding themselves in every part of the pipeline, from development, to distribution and consumption of digital content of any sort.
So how would we stop that without a serious concerted effort?

It is a market, ruled by business rules. Only when the market shares switch, new players enter or exit serious impact can be seen.

For example Google Maps APIs got serious expensive, a new/old maps competitor will step in and make friendly APIs and businesses will adopt it, but it takes years.

And I am sure that things will NOT change soon, we just need viable alternatives.

The problem is that Google have positioned themselves as the gatekeeper to all other kinds of services.
Even if there are better services available from a consumer perspective, if Google chooses to bury that competitor in their search results, a company can't generate the traffic it needs to keep the lights on.

And that's not a hypothetical. They have been accused of doing that in the past to competing platforms like Yelp, Getty Images, and an array of vertical search platforms.

I feel that it's very hard to view Google as a private company in an open market nowadays. Their services have in some instances advanced to a point where a majority of people take them for granted like public infrastructure.

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