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Sounds like attention switching. I don't think this works. Putting up a headset to cancel all the noises in office works for me quite well, but having beer at the same time, i think, would only end up with you switching your attention every now and then between your task and beer and mess up your concentration on the work. Just my opinion...


Beer doesn't task switch more than water. The problem is that it numbs the mind.

Maybe you are too active and can't focus enough without the numbing. Try an hour of workout instead, wears you out enough to be able to focus on coding afterwards.

My activity level is normal. Maybe it's you who needs therapy for being able to do anything without drinking alcohol.

@arun , that's true for some folks. But other folks enjoy the experience of drinking beer, much like soda or tea, and are able to moderate their usage healthily. It is not necessarily a situation warranting therapy.


Start turning down meetings. Protect your calendar.

  • Are you really needed in the meeting?
  • Are the meeting outcomes well defined?
  • Do you understand what is expected of you?
  • Does it really need to be an hour long?
  • Does the meeting cover something that cannot be covered by mail or a quick phone call?

If you answered No to any of those questions, let the meeting organiser kindly know—be civil and concrete.

In a matter of weeks the quality of all meetings will have increased and everyone will be better off for it.


I work on multiple projects, So if I get frustrated by an error in one project I simply work on different project for some time so it just refreshes my mind.

Also, I don't really force myself to be productive. Some days you'll feel super productive somedays you'll feel like sleeping all day and I think it's fine (unless deadline is close or you're working on something extremely important that needs to solved on the same day)


Not forgetting whats in the clipboard.
This sounds stupid but my productivity has increased practising this. Remembering what's already in clipboard has saved me countless times of re copying what I already copied. Quite often we end up needing the exact same text more than one time and because our attention was focused on the task we would forget that what we are going to copy is already in the clipboard. I know it's a silly thing but trust me it works


True! Especially if your clipboard can store a bunch of stuff...


I usually hear musing while working (coding, blogging, thinking...).
When I feel tired or not motivated, I just think of a song that I like. Then I start work and put that music on. Once I sit on the chair, I spend hours and hours without noticing ;p

Second tip, keep your PC in sleep mode because you won't wait for so long for it to turn on.


It's not little known among experienced developers but for non-experienced developers batch editing (like in vscode) is a godsend. So convenient! I instantly fell in love with it when I first learned about it.


Keyboard shortcuts whenever and wherever possible!

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