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About Me: I've been a professional web developer for just over 10 years now. I'm currently the lead web development instructor at Better Coding Academy, and as part of what I do, I post videos on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/BetterCodingAcademy.

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Do you use async/await or prefer plain promises in your production code? How do you handle errors if async/await is your choice?


I prefer async/await because it makes my code a lot easier to understand. I don’t really see a difference between production and development code here - by using async/await instead of promises I’m probably preventing many bugs from appearing within my code, whether that is in development or in production. In any case, you should use proper testing to make sure that your code will work well in production.

For error handling, just use try and catch, and also .catch in certain circumstances. It’s really well-documented and you can easily find out information about this online :)


What is the best state management for react ? I really dont like redux system design.


The BEST state management for React is the one that you/your team is most comfortable with.

Objectively speaking however, I would say that React's internal state (as provided by this.setState and the useState hook in functional components) is definitely the best for state management.

If you are looking for something more powerful, Redux is definitely the most mainstream solution. I'm guessing that you dislike the boilerplate? Consider checking out this, it would definitely help mitigate part of that, at least: github.com/erikras/ducks-modular-r...


Mobex. I use it for ALL of my react projects.


When I started learning Web development I've heard that three essential elements of a website is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Then I found that these are only the front end of the website. You need more than those to build a website. For example, React.js, Vue.js, Angular etc. What are these? I know they are called "frameworks", and what exactly is a framework? What is an API? Database? How does these link to HTML, CSS and JavaScript? I've been so confused over everything beyond HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


How do you implement animations in React-Native.

The "React-Native docs" way takes many lines of code to implement just small animation, and not optimized.


It depends what you mean by animations, but perhaps you would be interested in this? airbnb.design/lottie/


Just simple transition like fade or slide, it takes me sometime to code.
Not like CSS, just simply add transition property.


How hard is it to learn React? Does it differ a lot from Angular 2+?


If you're comfortable with JS, React is really easy to pick up in my opinion


I went from Angular 2+ to react. The change is incredible; Less writing and more doing.


What you think of web as a application platform?

I mean web apps as an alternative to other native apps when they make sense like in dev.to's case.


Where should we use to put the logic (business logic and app logic)?


Are you using any particular lint/code style (eg Airbnb, Google)?


What kind of project are you to see in a junior developer's portfolio?


How did you start your carrer, was it react, or something else maybe?


React Hook seems to be very complete. do you think you need class components anymore?

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