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I like this, I didn't do anything with Proxies before.

One thing with this demo is that it will only update state.quote, with a few changes it can be generic and you can update multiple elements.

const createState = state => {
  return new Proxy(state, {
    set(target, property, value) {
      target[property] = value; 

const render = property => {
  document.querySelector(`[data-binding="${property}"]`).innerHTML = state[property];
    <div data-binding="quote1"></div>
    <div data-binding="quote2"></div>
state.quote1 = 'hello';
state.quote2 = 'world';

Also, I don't see any documentation for returning in the Proxy function. Is this just a code style thing or is return true useful for something in this case?


Thanks Lucas for your comment, if you check out the code and demo (I should maybe include that in the post) you will see that it's more generic :)
return true is necessary, otherwise, you will get an error:


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