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Discussion on: Reasons I've Been Rejected For Software Engineering Roles

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Bernard Igiri • Edited on

I had an interviewer reject me because he asked about tree traversal and I gave him inorder, preorder, and postorder as the possibilities and he was actually looking for graph traversals breadth first and depth first, one of which was specifically listed on my resume.

Another interviewer was upset with me because I said the test was easy. He went on some diatribe about empathy while demonstrating none. They wanted to both under pay and over work me.

Both of these were big names in tech. I used to be upset but now that I look back, I am better off now without them.

Honestly, I hate overly academic interviews. I am a professional engineer, not a college professor. If my experience isn't being tested in your interview process, then your interview process is broken. I should not have to develop and maintain a completely separate set of skills just to get the job. My ability to actually do the job should get me the job.