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re: One of the difficulties in trying to diversify is that in my company's case, for example, we very seldom get (say) a black coder even applying for ...

I can understand that. In my hiring days some candidates that would fill the group with diversity simply didn't apply when the roll was advertised.

What you could do is advertise your opportunities here on dev.to 📢.

Did you get many responses. Well that's a silly question. Did you check the target audience on the post settings?

Employed Listings, as is the typical convention for job posts here on DEV, so there's no way to "target" anyone. Anyway, yes, I did get a number of responses.

Well that's a start. What's the company called? Maybe you could write an article about it.

Already did an AMA previously, and I'm doing a series on one of our projects. I hesitate to leverage DEV posts for marketing; as a tag moderator, I'm usually the guy referring things back over TO listings! ;)

Anyway, it's MousePaw Media. I already have plans worked out for this autumn's hiring, though, so no worries.

Oh ok. That's good to know.

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