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If these are the only things to not like about Go, that is pretty good for a programming language.
Go is standardised by design. Its “limitations” is more a fact of simpler design. Working on multiple projects with many developers, Go code always looks the same. There are not many ways to be super clever and fancy which leads to easier collaboration and improved readability.


That sounds like a fancy way to say "Go lacks many important features"


Generics I agree. What else are those important features that you miss?

I was mostly talking about generics, but it also lacks proper exceptions, enums, and two ways to assign a variable (var and :=) among other things


+1 for this. The lack of generics make writing more code which is why I prefer how TypeScript and Rust has handled the type system.


Agree; those what makes Go Go and what makes Go so good.


Totally agree with you. The only real problem I see with Go is the lack of generic types. That one is a harsh.

At least they are planning to add it in the future.


I haven't tried Golang much, but I still have to compare Golang to Kotlin, if I want it strict.

For non-strict, I would still use TypeScript.

Perhaps Generics mean some convenient inheritance???

Here is the TypeScript documentation about genetics:

I’ve never used Kotlin, but I believe that it has generic-like features, like Java.

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