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It's disappointing to see that only commits are taken into account.

PR reviews and creating issues are vital contributions to projects.

I wouldn't know how to weigh them all together though.


Hello! thanks for the comment, really appreciated 😊. Actually yes, right now commits are only counted for the ratings and the other 3 vitals for contribution are not yet included (Issues, Code Review, Pull Requests). But yes I will include all of them now 😊


I am glad the score exists :). It would be an interesting statistical analysis on how to weight each of them differently.

Here's the interesting part if we just use the following common statistic formula (I also explained it here in another comment: dev.to/lorddashme/comment/129i9) then we can get the ratings for the 4 vital metrics for the contribution (Commits, Code Review, PR, Issues) and give each metrics a ratings multiplier for example for the Commits it's pretty common so I will give it a 0.8 and then the Code Review with a 2 so this mean the Code Review is much higher weight compare to Commits 😄

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