Quicksort: A JS Breakdown

Ben Weiser on March 31, 2019

Quicksort is a recursive sorting algorithm that uses the divide and conquer approach. By starting with the simplest base case to check against we... [Read Full]
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valuesToSort is not defined. There is a typo there.

values should be returned and not valuesToSort

const quickSort = values => {
  if (values.length <= 1) {
    return values;

  let lessThanPivot = [];
  let greaterThanPivot = [];
  const pivot = values.shift();

  for (let i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
    const value = values[i];
    value <= pivot ? lessThanPivot.push(value) : greaterThanPivot.push(value);

  return [...quickSort(lessThanPivot), pivot, ...quickSort(greaterThanPivot)];

Yes, it's a quicksort, in theory. But it won't be quick since it's not in-place. If you're not using the in-place version you're better off with the merge sort most likely. It's stable and it's guaranteed to be O(N*logN). Quicksort is O(N*N) in the worst case. In your version this would happen if you pass in a sorted array.


Thanks Dmitry for pointing that out! Next up, in-place sort!

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