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Discussion on: I am a software engineer. I moved from a big company to a startup since October last year, Ask Me Anything!

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Ben Weiser

Do you strongly believe in the product that you're building at the startup? I've only worked for large F500 companies so the thought of going to a start up is a bit daunting for me given how many go belly under. Are you concerned about whether the company will still be around in 5 years?

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Coding Sam Ask Me Anything

I really believe! This startup have things pretty much figured out. We are not just a bunch of geeks coding in a garage. There is a pretty solid structure. But we are still getting funding and we are not profitable yet. Things are going pretty well.
When I got the offer I was a bit sceptic. I was afraid that I am going to work crazy long hours, not getting vacations or even worse not getting my paycheck sometimes. I am there since October and guess what... I get the paycheck every single month, I already scheduled my vacations and most days I leave around 6pm. On most fridays we leave work before that and we get some beers together.

I regret nothing and you know what... You really don't have much to lose because, if this thing does not work out, it just means I have to find another job. Nowadays everybody is looking for developers so that would not be a problem ;)