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Discussion on: You don’t need React for building websites

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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

React native will be the death of the web.

We take it for granted that our grandchildren will have a world wide web, but it's not a given.

"Your tech stack doesn't matter, the only thing that's important is solving business needs" is how were going to lose the web to app stores, binary blobs, and (increasingly state controlled) proprietary silos.

Technology choices aren't neutral, they have a moral value. The open web, built on standards that belong to everyone, is a moral good. Whether or not future generations will benefit from that good is up to us as developers, at least in part.

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I don't like mobile apps and Stores in general. If an app has a PWA version, that's the version I use. I was just pointing out that React Native is one of the main selling points of React... Sadly my personal preference has no power over the industry, so even if I prefer Preact and PWAs, people still use AppStores Dx