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Why Data Science?

For as long as I can remember I've been baffled by some of the things people do and why they do them.

Whether we're talking about the latest adventures of the fabled "Florida Man" covered by the local news or the latest trend of consumer spending on luxury goods in a report published by the Fed, I have always loved taking a second to try and put myself in the shoes of others and figure out what motivates them or in some cases, why they seemingly have no logical explanation for their actions.

To me, data science represents the ability to explain actions with something more concrete than highly theoretical behavior psychological explanations that I've read about in books or my own (often) woefully inadequate attempts to intuit some explanation for the behavior of the masses as well as a way to apply statistics to solve problems I never imagined was possible.

Data science as the intersection of the theoretical and the practical represents endless possibilities to me, and in studying it I have discovered a hunger within myself to learn and grow that I have not felt for years.

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