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Hey guys! Still a very fresh project.

Building career roadmaps for newbie developers who need help picking a career path.

This is for the Spak.co community. Will be integrated with #301DaysOfCode for greater exposure. Will also be marketing the project via my social profiles to help gain awareness.


If you want to help newbies with their careers we'd love to work with you!


This looks like a very promising project, the landing page looks really cool already. Didn't know about the #301DaysOfCode also, that's like 3 times the challenge I did haha


Thanks Juan :) Just added a little more info to the repo tonight.


Hello Benjamin,
This is a space I am very passionate about and would love to help out. Career support is still one of the biggest problems out there, especially for new folks.


Awesome! Just added a little more info to the repo tonight.


Take a look at the org roadmap. Then, do a PR on anything you feel you have the skills for :)

Need content, wire frames & views built out.


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