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Perfect Jon. As a newbie myself, I have intuitively avoided the temptation of trying to learn testing. I can see that I need to grow more with language fundamentals and general programming concepts. For example, my goal is web-apps, so I would like to reach beyond the beginner-level and be able to competently build web-apps before testing. Here are just a few things that beginners to web-dev are presented with and it gets overwhelming...

There are the basics -> HTML, CSS, JS, Backend

Then there's more (and this is NOT including any frameworks)...

  • JavaScript (well, it's a lot to know)
  • Git/Git-hub
  • Databases
  • Parcel/Webpack
  • Yarn/NPM
  • How to structure projects
  • Babel
  • code editor
  • Sass
  • Terminal (enough to get by)
  • Deploying Projects
  • Flexbox & Grid
  • Responsive

So, I'll get to testing when I get there 😂

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