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re: You Don't Need CSS-in-JS: Why I Use Stylesheets VIEW POST

re: thanks! interesting - so is it compiled for the lifetime of the app? one particular piece I wasn't clear on is page to page loading, particularly i...

It depends on your setup, typically with webpack loaders or something similar. There is quite a bit of infrastructure involved. It's been a while since I delved into this stuff but I think it can be either compiled into CSS files that are then available to import with normal <link> tags, or injected into style tags in the document. I think the second option is used to load the new page styles when routing in single-page apps. I know I've hit some bugs in single-page apps with loading order effecting the resulting styles, which can be a pain.

I'm sure someone else knows more about this than me and might be able to chime in though!

yeah - makes sense. good to know though, appreciate the info

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