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I don't really know where to start and finish with this blog. Interesting thoughts whatsoever, but I don't think I agree with anything written. By focusing on the code, free software is opening the field of cooperation to radically different people. If you wish to cooperate with same-minded individuals then create new licenses.

This modern type of "objective" morals and ethics is a bit tiring, and most prominently a spook. Also most of the problems described are more or less apparent in the closed software world, since I don't think companies would not sell their merchandise on moral grounds. And I wouldn't want them to do so.

The issue of big things built on the labor of free software maintainers is just a non-issue. They can quit whenever they want, they can not care, they just offered something to the world. As much as I care everything can and shall crash and burn sometimes. Stability is a spook.

On the philosophical level you insist that since you can do bad things with free software, free software is bad. So knives are bad? I thought these discussions where ended around 1800s. If you want to restrict the use of your software you are able to do so. Write a license and go on. But trying to shame on a superficial level all the work that many people have offered to all of us is pathetic. Every developer can release on whatever license he cares. He can even change opinions.

What is your position on ICE using Microsoft products?
Are we already at the extinguish phase?

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