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Who's looking for open source contributors? (April 30 edition)

Ben Halpern
A Canadian software developer who thinks he’s funny. He/Him.
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Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

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Jeremy Grifski • Edited

Recently, I launched a repo which contains common code snippets in as many languages as possible:

You may be familiar with similar projects like The Hello World Collection and Rosetta Code. It's the same idea, but I'm just doing it to learn about different languages and their features.

Feel free to help contribute! I write an article for every code snippet, and you'll get credit for your contributions. :)

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Brett Stevenson

This is really cool!
I previously created a syntax-theme for Atom and having something like this would have been really helpful when checking the language-specific highlighting for languages that I'm not as familiar with.

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Jeremy Grifski

That's also really cool!

I'm wondering if anyone wants to start a WordPress plugin using this repo, so I can have nice highlighting on my website as well. haha

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Brett Stevenson • Edited

I don't have any experience with WordPress, but I've used codemirror and highlight.js for syntax-highlighting on websites in the past so I'd be happy to contribute if someone got things started.

I also really enjoyed the post you linked in the README about the coolest programming languages features!

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Valentin Pearce

I'll definitely have a look at this !

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Marcos Placona

I've created a website called that aims to teach people Kotlin tips on a weekly basis.

It's great for newcomers or existing Kotlin developers as the language has a lot of syntactic sugar people just don't realise exist.

To contribute, you just have to write some code and unit tests here. Yeah, I said code and unit tests, and the system generates all the Markdown posts that go into the main website.

Send me a PR with each one of your tips and they will get published soon and sent to a bunch of Kotliners.

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Want to work on a compiler? A new language? And have some fun while doing it? Then Leaf is for you. :)

That's the game I'm creating in the language. It ensures the language is becoming useful, and also just shows off a bunch of game writing concepts (in a simple form).

If you just want to watch, follow me on Twitch

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Jeremy Grifski

Yet another language to add to the collection! Cool stuff. Are there any official docs, so I can get a look at the syntax?

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Other than the features on the site, with some examples, there isn't much for docs yet. I've been focusing on getting the compiler's main features done... though I guess it's hard to somebody to contribute with no idea where I am. I'll add docs to my list.

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Brahian E. Soto Mercedes

what about a link of the project?

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Silly thing to forget: the project page is here

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Elazizi Youssouf • Edited

I just create a simple project to develop my own react component ui (a simple
storybook alternative) and it's so useful in many use cases.

Now, we need some help to create a simple CLI to start a project with parcel-story ?
we use parceljs as js bundler !

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Karn Saheb

Hello friends!

I've been working on a library for Android to simplify Notification delivery using fluent APIs written in Kotlin. It's called Notify and could definitely use your contributions -- whether that by way to writing code, tests and/or documentation or simply by pointing out issues.

A taste of the syntax:

    .content { // this: Payload.Content.Default
        title = "New dessert menu"
        text = "The Cheesecake Factory has a new dessert for you to try!"

Basic usecase

The best part is that even though it is still being developed it doesn't mean that you are restricted to functionality. The APIs expose the NotificationCompat.Builder object and allow you to continue to build the notification as you would without the library!

You can check out/star the project at, and feel free to create issues and/or ping me either here or on GitHub!


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Brian Greig

I've recently been working on a D3 plugin for creating reactive charts and graphs in VueJS. If this is something that grabs you feel free to fork it, add some additional visualizations, maybe help refactor the code, and submit a PR. Cheers:

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Eddie Jaoude

DashboardHub is my startup and is completely transparent and open source! Only in the Alpha stage at the moment, but all feedback / thoughts / ideas welcome :)

Your Delivery Pipeline overview in One Place. If you are delivering a platform or a library, know exactly WHAT, WHEN and WHERE are being built and deployed, by reporting back to your Pipeline Dashboard (currently in Alpha) on DashboardHub.




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Ahmad Awais ⚡️ • Edited

Me 🙌

Project: create-guten-block — 🔥 ⚛‏ 📦 A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins.

Here's the roadmap for version 2.0.0 →

Feel free to contribute to any other repo out off over 100 I open sourced.
More contributions === Better Code.

Peace! ✌️

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Jason C. McDonald

Qub³d Engine Group is a brand new voxel-based engine and game project, aiming to make a mature and extensible Minecraft-like game, backed by a vibrant and friendly community.

Anyone with interest in or experience with the following technologies are encouraged to join the project. They're just starting up, so there's plenty of room to find your niche:

  • C++ (especially C++17)
  • Clang compiler (GCC secondary)
  • OpenGL
  • GLFW (not necessarily final)
  • Lua
  • Sphinx (documentation)
  • CMake

The easiest way to get started is to join the Discord room. Link is on the website:

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I just wanted someone who knows c plus plus and multiplatform development to help me organize this plugin for ags so it can from a single codebase generate .dll for Windows .so for Linux and if the person knows OSX, whatever is the equivalent in OSX. Requires SDL2 and c++ knowledge (I am very bad at both).

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James Eagle • Edited

I have a website that tries to show helpful information from the Steam Games database.
It is written in Go and I could always do with a hand :)


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Brett Stevenson

This actually looks really cool so far. I don't have any experience with Go, but let me know if you need any help with the front-end.

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Danilo Barion Nogueira

Hello everyone!

I'm developing an Ruby gem that is an API version verifier It's still an WIP, but I'll appreciate any help to help me build this. Every critics or suggestions about what is already done is welcome too!

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B. Agustín Amenábar Larraín

I have been working with a friend on an Image Conversion/Transformation server, ideal for resizing and generating responsive images. Written in PHP, inside a docker, just build and deploy. On the smallest Digital Ocean droplet, it takes 5 min to be running. But there is a lot left to do. We have very high coverage, but there are a lot more tests to write. There are a bunch of issues open, docs to be written.

At least try it out and file bugs, that is great too.

Also use cases are very welcome.

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Thomas H Jones II

My team has authored a set of tools for creating LVM-partitioned Amazon Machine images for RHEL and CentOS 6 and 7. In the past 18 months, we've expanded beyond AMIs to include creating images for other cloud and virtualization options. We've gotten the occasional request — mostly via direct email rather than issues — for further platforms but haven't had sufficient internal justification to do it for those requestors. That said, those requests tell us there's a desire for futher platform support. So, if anyone wants to help out and extend support for other CSPs and virtualization platforms (or even improve support for existing platforms), please feel free to contribute to spel.

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Thiago Arrais

I am building a GitHub bot that anonymizes pull requests and will measure biases in open source. You may want to join me if you're interested in any of the following:

  • Ruby
  • Bots
  • Javascript
  • Probot
  • Browser extensions
  • GitHub API

The project is at

You may comment here or hit me with a DM if you wish to know more. My Twitter handle is @thiagoarrais .

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Robert Newton

Nice! I have been looking for a way to get into webassembly

Looking into this now, thanks for the link!

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Juan C. Andreu

I had the need to run Sql Queries to multiple databases. Can be any type, insert, select, alter.

So I build a simple query executor, that allows to set each database target. Or to dynamically get all the database in a database server (with some filters).


  • Allows you to deploy multiple files.
  • Save the "document/project".
  • Each connection/query runs in parallel. (makes it really fast for multiple migrations)
  • Set Command Timeout
  • Validates Sql queries before executions
  • Syntax highlight in editor
  • Shows On-the-fly messages on each target (ie, results from print)

As of now it works only for SqlServer, but i tried (with little time) to make it agnostic as possible.

Uses WPF (since i needed SqlConnection). Tried to start a electron version but had not time to even mock the UI.

Has some unit tests, but would love to improve more on that.

Also, i want to make it cross-platform since Sql Server now runs in Linux D:

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Kushagra Gour

First ever offline frontend playground that's blazing fast - Web Maker
This is your chance to shape up the playground you always wanted.

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Fanny • Edited

i've created a chrome extension with reactjs that allows you to view if other GitHub users follow you, like on twitter.

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Ben Halpern Author

Ah super neat. It occurs to me we don't have that functionality on and we should 🙂

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Jahir Fiquitiva

I have this small Android app that has a couple issues to be fixed/worked on. Any contributions or help is super welcome 🤗

Thanks in advance! 🙌🏼

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I have a C# library to read and write metadata of FLAC audio files:

I know it has some users since some people logged issues. I was kind of surprised by that.

It was created at first for fun while commuting on the train, then later it was mostly about actually finishing a side project.
Now I maintain it now and then but I don't actually use it much myself anymore!

There's a few small things I'd like to do, and a few bigger ones.

Anyone working with FLAC files in .NET may be interested. Would be cool to have FLAC audio decoding in there.

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I don't use Facebook for any projects at the moment. Could use some help maintaining this library: