What are you looking to accomplish this next week?

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Anything you have planned for your week, either personal or professional?


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I graduated last week, so this week I need to freshen up my resume and start sending out all the applications πŸ˜¬πŸ˜„


Heh, I worked through my grad degree so my answer is to just sleep


hehe that's all I've been doing since graduation πŸ˜… sleep and code


Congrats on graduating Meghan!

Lama diploma joke


Congratulations for the graduation :)


Study as much as I can to nail the last exams I have before getting my CS degree!


I will my start learning C# seriously this week. I have pretty much been focused on the JavaScript ecosystem for the past 10 years. It will be interesting to see how I go about embracing a new one.

I plan to also have my personal blog finally launched. I have been building a solid roster of articles and found myself writing every other day. Just do it πŸ˜€

Finally all the building blocks of my upcoming JavaScript are in place. I will probably finish the outline of the pre launch sequence by the end of the day week.

Looking forward to another week of doing, learning and sharing.


Are you going to learn .net core? I'm a "c# dev" that wants to go frontend


Yes that’s the plan a current project I’m involved in uses .net core and I want to know more about it.
Front end is fun though the learning curve is becoming challenging. But with a proper roadmap you should be fine

I know you don't ask but if needed ;)

Will definitely look into Pluralsight. I always liked their road map learning path.
I have started a series with Mosh Hamedani to get the ball rolling but Pluralsight is definitely next.

  • more FreeCodeCamp JavaScript
  • Decide if I should use Django or Laravel to build my site
  • Add Python/PHP to my to-learn list, based on the above decision
  • Find a co-founder? somehow...
  • Keep drawing wireframes until I magically find a way to transform them into a website

One thing that helps me when I have to choose between to similar languages (like Python and PHP) it's to check what I want to accomplish, the community and to read some code.

The most useful resource when I was learning was:




Headed to referee the biggest soccer tournament in the state. Hoping I can stabilize my servers to the point I’m not trying to deal with outages between games.

  • Clean the house in two hours max so I can have more time for me :D
  • Publish the remaster of my blog programadortaino.com using Hugo and Netlify
  • Make an overview and schedule of my learning path for a frontend dev
  • Study some c# in Pluralsight for my work
  • Make a logo for my family org

Sleep! I mean...wrapping up a few new features after coming back from a short vacation.


How was the vacation?


Excellent, thank you! I visited some friends and family in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. Then saw Avantasia live in San Jose which was awesome.


I'm in the middle of organizing a developer conference and this week I want to get the CFP ready, the sponsor info sheet ready, and get a real website up.


Cool, good luck!!


Thanks! I'm excited but it's also a pretty big mountain to climb.


I have one more week before moving into a new role, it's going to be a very busy week of tidying things up.

  • Finish refactoring and migrating 100 little code blocks to a new platform, thankfully this is almost over.

  • Create a readable report from logfiles so non-technical users can use it

  • Wrangle members of my team to create presentations for a day of workshops next month

  • Write a new post for Dev :)


I had a break from writing my book vpsformakers.com/ book because I did a little holiday with a friend of mine. So this week I want to continue (probably chapters regarding storage, backups, DNS), and well, also watch the last episode of Game of Thrones haha :D


Took a long weekend to go to the coast. So my week will probably be just trying to readjust to desk life.


Finish a MEAN stack tutorial and the CMS app I've been developing off of the tutorial.
Start learning Android development using Java and Kotlin via another tutorial 😁


This week........ I need to write an entire end to end training plan for my upcoming junior analysts, including teaching SQL from scratch! Its going to be a lot of work, but worth it once its done.


Create a Unity vuforia project to place objects in AR environment and manage them.


I'm gonna try to keep working through some of the Exercism challenges for Rust. I think I'm gonna try to do a few a night this week and see how far I get!


Learn HW debugging techniques definitely!

  1. Finally shifting from reading about Vue to using Vue 😁
  2. Continue to work on the redesign of my blog/personal site

Finishing up the backend for a payment form at work, and then I would love to get this map generator put together. But, we'll see if I get some free time to do so.


I have my first public speech regarding a tool I've created. I'm pretty excited and I hope everything will just go smooth!


I’m going to (at least) implement my first auth system which consists of work on both client and server side. I’m learning a lot. Can’t wait to see it working!