Supervisors Driven By Bottom Line Instead of Focusing Employee Well-Being Perform Worse (Study)

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I doubt this incredibly surprising

👉 Supervisors Driven By Bottom Line Fail To Get Top Performance From Employees, Baylor Study Says

  • High-BLM supervisors create low-quality relationships with their employees.
  • In turn, employees perceive low-quality leader-member exchange relationships.
  • Thus, employees reciprocate by withholding performance.
  • When supervisor BLM is high and employee BLM is low, the damaging effects are strengthened.
  • When both supervisor and employee BLM are high, the negative performance is still evident.


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I really find the idea of having a "supervisor" within a successful company is kinda exotic.

Cuz before you hire your employees, you should be trusting what they'll do.

And, the weekly or monthly KPIs of your business would be your best friend (telling you when things are going wrong).

I'd like to quote this from the CEO of Weebly:

Often, the first time I find out about a product feature is reading about it on our blog. It shocks most founders to hear this, but I know I’ve done my job well


This quote is awesome!

I'm in the process of writing an article about my transition back into academia, and one of the things I hated about industry was being micromanaged. If I were to ever run my own company, this quote sums up exactly how I'd want it to run. In fact, it's how I run a lot of my open-source projects. I let people just sort of take it and run!


I like it when research backs up something I have been arguing at people for some time now, but I get called "sensitive". Maybe I'm the right type, but I keep doubting myself anyways haha. All types need to ship, all types need different types of support.


Every time a woman is called "sensitive", I get to kick middle management in the balls.


“Supervisors who focus only on profits to the exclusion of caring about other important outcomes, such as employee well-being or environmental or ethical concerns, turn out to be detrimental to employees,”

Keeping your eye on profits is important is you want to grow your business. My interpretation of the lead researcher's conclusion is that you must also focus on your people, not ignore profits and exclusively focus on people.


Yeah, the notion that fully formed adult human beings capable of building complex computational systems somehow need to be "supervised" gets exactly the sort of pushback one might expect. You hire smart people then have them report to people who aren't capable of understanding what it is they do. This should incite rebellion. How could it not?

It's a really simple principle of human nature. People want to be respected for what they do. They want to work for respectable people. They want to learn from the people "above" them, not report from them.

So if you're managing someone and they don't have anything to learn from you, then you really shouldn't be managing them.


Definitely not surprising. When employees don’t feel valued, they’re not motivated to perform beyond what’s required.


Given the number of people who graduate straight into "managerial" roles.

I would say it is valuable to have experience working under both good, and bad managers in smaller jobs (may not be related to programming even)

As it helps one make this result kinda "duh" - especially if you have worked under bad managers.

That being said - the science and math nerd in me would like to point out that 866 people is a limited sample size. As "obvious" as it is, i would really like more data 🤓


I think this is what works best with today's culture. It is interesting to contrast this with the culture of other eras.


Ofcourse! But they are too dumb or bad people to even realise it.


I just quit a company as a supervisor for this exact thing. I have never been so disgusted by a company's blatant disregard of their employees wellbeing in my life.

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