Seems like GitHub is down

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Time to go for a walk eh?

How's the weather where you are?


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“How’s the weather”

It’s spring in Canada, it’s also what I call “second winter” and did I mention it’s snowing? Ugh.

I’m in Ottawa btw


Canadian here. Very familiar with second Winter.


neighbor grass is always greener I guess, I'm in Chile (that country that looks like a tail conveniently located in the ass of the planet) and we have been over 33ºC for about two months after the the high temps should have ended and not a drop of water since forever. Well we had some lousy drops a few days ago. And here the electricity is not cheap so no AC :)

But on the bright side besides the droughts, we have volcanoes, earthquakes (look at a list of the biggest ones in history) and occasional wildfires, did I mentioned tsunamis?. We have great landscapes tho :)

Hahaha I totally get that being born in South America myself as well.

I’m from south Brazil originally, spent over 20 years there, definitely don’t miss the intense summer heat with no AC, my city constantly hit over 40ºC but I guess now I have to deal with -40ºC instead 😁

I think astronomers got it wrong, over 35ºC is not "habitable zone", with those temps they'll have to look for forms of life that have AC.


Ottawa here too. At least that snow melted right away but that wind yesterday? Brrrr!


Singapore here, we usually are at 27-33 Celsius on a yearly basis. No winter T_T


Good enough for a walk in the woods.


It might be back working for me.

Still seeing degraded service on githubstatus.com/



It's working good here in China.
How's COVID-19 status where you are?


Where the whole world stopped, our began.


Maybe some time to catch up on my twitter feed.


Down here in the south, it's pretty sunny right now. But still sitting in front of a screen trying to get my hackathon project completed. 🙃


It's raining and we are in lockdown so...


Time to go for a walk eh?

We're not allowed here the UK! Locked in the house and having intermittent build issues... brill!


Don’t worry they’ll fix it, stack overflow is up! 😄


Have you tried to refresh the page? Microsoft bought GitHub so I won't be surprised if this trick works.


I learned that you can easily become trending on twitter if you tweet something witty about it during this kind of event. Example


That's why you should all use Code Commit 🙃


That's one mean looking unicorn I'm seeing.

It's sunny where I am - I guess I can go out and get some red on me.


Oh, well It's raining today in my city.

Would you like a cup of tea, sir? ☕


Now github is down here in China 😭😭😭


It's a partly cloudy and fabulous 76F here in the DFW area. I guess it's a good time to refill on coffee ☕.


The lockdown is keeping me locked inside. Kinda demotivated though


yeah theres some problems. Could not retrieve repos, then could not even access the site.


It's happening a lot these days seems like I will spend my time with family and friends now.


Is back to normality right now 😅


Hum, was it why I was using the gist liquid tag and didn't work?


NPM was down yesterday. Service Unavailable.


yup to many requests for server freezing


When Github is down, I can't do (most of) my job so I take to reading IACR ePrint papers instead. (Still technically job-related but the part that fascinates me!)


You can still take a walk. Github can wait ;)
Sunny, but windy...


In Nigeria here , it's just warm..


It's like a water cooler here