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I really want to boost this one:

It was posted the other day, and is a really fun read.

There's a ton of buzz around what it's like working at big tech companies but not much on gems such as NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

This gets to the heart of it.


I am going to do a shameless plug here. I hope no one minds, but this is my first post on dev so I am excited and I think it is worth your time :)


I absolutely love this one. A lot of (not so) beginners in Rails mindlessly rely on Active Record queries without thinking of what's actually happening on a DB level behind those. This is a very important concept and I think Rails Guides should have a dedicated section about this, somewhere near the AR part.


A couple relatively recent posts that seemed to fly under the general radar a bit:

@samosborn 's look at Giorgio Agamben's theories of law and social belonging in the context of communities defined as application users is utterly delightful

And here's a tour of CMake's house of horrors courtesy of @slurpsmadrips


I'm offering up a #solongagosunday pick, encouraging everyone to give Catherine a high five for her regex cheatsheet posted in January. I use regex all the time now, but it took me forever to get the hang of and her post was super helpful for me.

Also, I would kick myself if I did not include an honorable mention of Emma Wedekind's regex cheatsheet from February, because it's pretty badass:


Long ago super welcome! If anything we need to be better at re-surfacing the goodies.

Classic DEV Post from Jan 6

Async operations in JavaScript

In this post we will take alook at why async tasks are important, how to correctly handle async tasks.

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