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re: I think that this will be a game changer in online forums that currently get stuck into facebook groups.

Corey, we've been saying this internally for a long time and it's good that that's where everyone's head goes right away.

The two parts of this:

  • Make it technically sound to allow communities a lot of customization while still being compatible with one another and allow authentication etc. in a way that maintains maximum common-sense data ownership and resists monopolization inherently.
  • Make the user experience feel somewhat seamless to ensure that this isn't just a thing for highly technical folks who understand the bigger implications of surveillance capitalism.
  • Empower community creators to build fully sustainable indy businesses on top of communities if they want to approach it this way (of course, just running one for fun with no intentions of going "full-time" is 1000% valid), and generally allow for creative use-cases to thrive as much as possible.

I feel like we have a good roadmap for all of this, but we'll also be leaning on all the super technical folks in the community to help "get it". We've been pretty heads down on this and I am sooo excited to talk more about all of this and empower our community to be early adopters in the ecosystem.

I think that tags can be developed a bit more. Say you have a parenting forum, but similar to the #discuss or #shecoded tags that have active maintainers, tags could evolve to be more of a community within the larger forum. I don't know what would need to be done to facilitate this beyond maybe having a chatroom for the tag as a community discussion on that topic. That would require a bit of rework of the messaging functionality, but could be a really fun direction.

Yup, none of this is too far from where I think things will go.

cooking communities or parenting communities

Or just a version of The Onion / McSweeny's to target devs, speaking of too far, and going there.

I can see it now...

"Amazon deploys stocking robots for cage fights, 2 have already earned their freedom."

"#discuss What is the most embarrassing bodily function Google Neuro's neural interface has triggered in public?"

"With the advent of Noxt.js, are we running out of vowels?"

Edit: May need to account for Poe's Law here... perhaps a "here be dragons/not Kansas" interstitial.

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