Discussion on: Introducing our first original podcast: DevDiscuss

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Ben Halpern Author

It's really exciting to be a part of this, the first episode with @penelope_zone was our first recording of the season and it was great to start on a note that reflects the ethos of the show: To tackle real software topics with nuance and go deeper than surface-level, while always delivering some technical meat to ensure folks are coming out of this with new perspectives that are going to help them as developers.

The feedback between the community and the show topics has already shown itself to be really cool.

The show has not yet gone live on Apple Podcasts, as mentioned, but if you use spotify or elsewhere subscribe and leave a great review...

Also if you intend listen on DEV, check out our mobile apps at dev.to/downloads as we will just continue to improve this part of the overall experience.

Happy coding, happy listening ❤️