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re: What are your thoughts on how open source maintainers solicit for financial support? VIEW POST

re: I can't agree more about that one. Yes support of the companies that use our OSS software would be nice. github sposnor is nice thing but it do not...

Yeah, I feel like both the direct contribution from companies should be the big source of funding.

Most big companies contribute something but it's kind of remarkable how little the % is.

Facebook has contributed $168,770 on Open Collective. Seems like if they're even going to take the time to contribute at all they could be doing an order of magnitude more.

that's not much indeed, Facebook is one of the biggest company of the world and it's hard to overstate how much they benefit from open source. And their contribution is like the cost of employing one good engineer in a year (outside of the US, else it's not enough).

Imagine you had to meet Facebook's CFO to pitch a contribution to Open Collective that would be 10 times bigger like @ben proposes.

How would he react?

My guess:

You ask me, Facebook's CFO, if the company can do a $1_500_000 contribution to OpenCollective that supports Open Source?
What the fuck is wrong with you guys?
You should have done it like yersterday if you think that it improves either our marketing, or our reliatbility, or our brand, or our ability to attract candidates, or whatever really for less than the margin of error
Heck, you could have made it 100 times more, worst case scenario we would have put 0.0000000001% more ads in the NewsFeed
Now gentlemen, if you excuse me, I have serious work to do now.
One last thing: why are you wasting my time?

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