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Thanks for this post and pointing us to the WeAllJS CoC. Our code of conduct is very much influenced by the ongoing evolution of other codes out there. Once someone comes up with the right articulation of a pattern it becomes so much more straightforward to enforce the guideline. Several of your examples are really clear and useful.

Penny for your thoughts...

One standard I've been thinking about proposing as a change to our code of conduct is something pertaining to "piling on", wherein no individual comment may be a clear violation of the code of conduct, but becomes problematic when people join in on a discussion just to add yet another dissenting perspective. I think this is more a problem with our asynchronous threaded form factor, but occasionally we will see a post where people flood in to nitpick a detail and even though that nitpick may be justified, it becomes a form of harassment at scale.

Twitter is the gold standard of "piling on" (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, depending on the context) but we occasionally experience that on DEV.

Anyway, I just thought I'd say that outloud in case you or anybody else had some thoughts before I bring up the idea.

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