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Discussion on: Questioning "The Man"

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Ben Halpern

I remember a few distinct instances early on in my dev career where I mentioned what technology I was working in and somebody scoffed at me, telling me I was in a fad space. The thing is, in each of those instances, the people who said that were working in massively declining spaces and were extremely ignorant. At the time I sensed this, so I didn't let it get to me, but in hindsight I see it even clearer.

There's nothing wrong with being in those "declining" fields, because tech has really long tails, but only total ignoramuses dump their insecurities about the decline on newbies like I was. People with a bit more self-awareness and compassion give those default "You're an X developer, that is such a fad!"

It's perfectly fine to think a technology is a fad, but there are constructive ways to express this. The people who unilaterally dismiss trends are massively over-simplifying the discussion and being buttheads in the process.

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Kim Arnett  Author

Cheers to that!!