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I can’t wait to see FFH!

Spidey has always been my favorite hero.

I really really hope they do a bunch more sequels to the animated Spider-verse movie.


"Spider Man: Into the spider verse" was great!!!


I still just loved how the "spiderverse" looked a lot like the universe but...webbed. Top notch.


Along with the comics I absolutely loved the 90s animated Spider-Man show.

IMO there hadn’t been many great animated shows since. Part of me knows that there’s some nostalgia here but Spider-verse really knocked it out of the park in a return to animation.

Every here fits this format. I’d love to see x-men and others go this route.

I'm a total newcomer to the genre (read: boring child) and Spiderverse blew me away in a way I wasn't prepared for. I'm very much on board for more in that vein.

The outlook for different movie paths is kind of complicated because Disney owns Marvel, but Marvel had previously licensed some of the franchises. So Sony owns Spidey and 20th Century Fox owns X-Men and some others, but Dinsey bought 20th Century Fox and Sony licensed Spider-man back for use in Avengers etc. but solo Spider-Man films are still a Sony production I believe and the animated stuff is more Sony-vertical.

The standalone Venom movie was also a Sony spin-off from their Spider-Man rights.

I just want to see well-done comic movies and they’ve delivered big-time lately.

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