re: FreeCodeCamp violated the rights of Medium authors VIEW POST

re: I've continued to get DMs like this...

I was also surprised to see that FreeCodeCamp still hasn’t fixed the canonical url issue where they no longer respect the canonical url people set on Medium.

I wrongfully thought of this as a mistake they’d quickly rectify even if they didn’t right the overall wrong.

But it seems like they’re really uninterested in making even the most minimal ethical choices.


Honestly, this makes me want to no longer use the FCC community sadly.


I am disappointed to see that Quincy is very arrogant in dealing with the case. Also, being a little arrogant... No one would ever think that the new news site could be a competition for dev.to 😂 I think they should just say something like this: "Well, we did it wrong. Help us do it better."

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